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Our Holly and Magnolia Cottages offer care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia as a Specialty Care Residence. These Cottages were designed to be small and cozy, for the benefit of its residents, and has a maximum capacity of 16. This allows our specially trained staff to focus on additional needs of our residents and their individualized care. Nurse-supervised staff, a customized CareSteps plan, nurse administered medications, and our unique 24-Hours of Activities recreation program are just a few of the features offered at Holly and Magnolia Cottages.

It takes a very large heart with a great deal of compassion and patience to serve people suffering from dementia with the care they deserve. At The Cottages, we have many of those incredible hearts. Our staff’s average tenure is three years. When compared to the annual turnover rate for nurses in long-term care which is about 70%, and two out of three long-term care workers leave their jobs in a year, our staff is committed to the care of Alzheimer’s and dementia residents. No wonder residents who have had difficulty in other specialty care residences do so well at The Cottages.


Although research supports the idea that people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementia benefit from being around other people, research also strongly shows that too much of a good thing, especially other people with needs, is upsetting and frightening for folks with dementia. With the guarantee that only 15 other people will ever be neighbors, residents enjoy just the right amount of companionship to meet each of their needs to stay involved and connected.

Advice from such noted consumer and research organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s Foundation and Caregivers Foundation strongly recommend the Keep It Simple approach to dementia care. Because all paths at The Cottage lead directly to our warm, cozy living room and the neighboring courtyard, residents learn their way around quickly, with our help. The confidence that comes from this knowledge is priceless.

The longest distance a resident travels from a bed-sitting room to the living room is 29 steps. Like the simplicity of the building, this modest distance encourages residents to stay physically active, which in turn helps with minimizing the agitation, sun downing and other distressing symptoms of dementia.

For more information on how the The Cottages can provide you and your family with quality care, please contact the Memory Care Cottage nearest you. For additional resources on memory care, visit our resources page.

Memory Care Cottages:

Country Cottage in Corinth, MS

Country Cottage in Hoover, AL

Country Cottage in Lawrenceburg, TN

Country Cottage in Montgomery, AL





The Many Benefits of Smaller Sized Memory Care Communities



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