Is your senior dad difficult to buy presents for? Don’t stress out over a Father’s Day gift this year just because Dad is in an assisted living community now. Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas for your senior dad.

1. Activity Tracker

Help your senior dad stay active and healthy with an activity tracker, like a Fitbit or Garmin tracker. Having an activity tracker can give Dad incentive to be more active. Buy yourself one, too, if you don’t already have one, and you and Dad can download the tracker-specific app and help encourage each other.

2. E-Reader

If your senior dad loves to read but has some trouble with reading paper books because of poor eyesight, an e-reader, like an Amazon Kindle, might be the perfect present for him. The settings on an e-reader can be changed to make the font larger and more easy to read. The background can also be brightened or dimmed, depending on what works best for Dad’s eyes.

3. Tablet

Whether your senior dad is good with technology or not, a tablet can be fairly easy for seniors to get used to using. With a tablet, Dad can stay connected to friends and family members through social media apps, text messaging, and video call apps. Dad can also use a tablet to play brain stimulating games, read e-books, or even watch tv.

4. A Subscription

Your senior dad might like a subscription to any number of things. If Dad likes audiobooks, consider getting him a subscription to Audible so he can download as many of them as he wants. You could get him a 12-month subscription to a magazine or newspaper that would interest him. If Dad is into food, there are several different options for food subscription boxes. Find ideas for other of subscription boxes here.

5. A Fun Day Out

You don’t always have to buy something for your gift to be special. Take Dad out for a nice walk in a park. Pack foods that you already have in the house and have a picnic when you reach a good stopping spot on your walk. Invite the whole family and have a bar-b-que at a state park nearby. Sometimes the simple presents are the best ones.


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