Columbia Cottage in Hartselle is excited to announce that Will Mayfield (Hartselle Boy Scout Troop 336) chose our Cottage to complete his Eagle Scout project. It has taken Will 7 years to become and Eagle Scout, which is the highest achievement a Boy Scout can earn. Becoming an Eagle Scout is a display of great character, discipline, and dedication. Will, along with members of Troop 336 and friends from the West End UMC Youth Group, put in beautiful flower beds along our fence, a new pathway in the Cottage courtyard, as well as hand-built wooden benches for our front lawn.

Will spent two years perfecting his project: He spent time with our Cottage residents, learning what they would like to have put in place. He raised funds for the project at his church by hosting a pancake breakfast and taking donations while volunteering around the community. Using these funds, he purchased materials locally and online, and then rallied his Boy Scout Troop to help implement the different parts of the project.

Our residents are so happy to have a new place to gather, as well as beautiful flowers to see and smell. Thank you to James Owens Blake, Daniel Hunter, Charlie Mashak, Garrett Britnell, Gayelin Pleasant, Jay McElwain, and Will Mayfield for making our Cottage even more welcoming!