Helping Mom to age in place means finding a way for her to keep living at home, whether in her house or by downsizing to an apartment. Before you decide the best location for your senior mom to age in place, consider the following:

  • Safe home navigation: Are stairs difficult for her? Does she fall or slip easily on hard floors? Does she need handrails in order to sit, to stand, or even to walk?
  • Location: Does she currently live somewhere that she loves? Is there a location where she would rather live? Is her current location very unsatisfying to her?
  • Affordability: What are Mom’s expenses? Can she afford to stay in the home that she is currently living in? Have you looked into payment assistance for Mom’s needs?
  • Medical needs: Are there certain medical services that Mom needs? What type of medical care does she require? Are all of her doctors nearby?
  • Transportation: Which places does Mom need to go to on a daily/weekly basis? What type of transportation will she be using to get to and from appointments, shopping trips, etc.?

Once you know all of the specifics that your senior mom needs in order to age in place, start making whatever changes she may need. You may need to get in touch with a contractor in order to change out Mom’s bathtub, widen doorways, or add any other safety features that are necessary. Consider using technology to your advantage, such as a medical alert button, video chatting software, and voice-controlled lighting. The National aging in Place Council offers a Planning Guide online that you can use to help Mom make this important transition a reality.


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