If your senior mom has already made the transition to assisted living, you may be wondering when the right time to visit her is. The good news is: you can visit Mom anytime you want. Assisted living communities welcome and encourage visits and participation from family members and friends. Here are some things you may want to consider when planning your visits with Mom.

Mom’s Schedule

Your senior mom has her own activities and events scheduled, so before you plan a visit with her, remember to check with her first. Together, you can figure out the best times for you to visit. Consider time of day and days of the week when scheduling your visits with Mom. You may want to keep a copy of the assisted living community’s monthly schedule close to your phone or in your planner so you can make sure you don’t miss any events that you may want to attend with Mom.

The Best Times to Visit

While planning to visit your senior mom any day of the week is always an option, take note of the best times to pay a visit. Birthdays, holidays, special events and parties, and outings on which groups from the assisted living community go are all great ways to enjoy your time with Mom. Should you choose to attend special events at the community, it can help you to better get to know some of the other residents with whom she spends her time. An activities schedule for residents can be found at the top of each Cottages’ page.

Things to Do When You Visit

If no big events are scheduled and you’re just going for a nice, quiet visit with Mom, there are several things the two of you can do together. Consider helping to decorate Mom’s living space, or go grocery shopping with her and help stock the fridge and pantry. Sit down together and look through old photo albums and scrapbooks. Put some new albums or scrapbooks together if you’re feeling up to it. Bring some favorite foods along with you and cook a special meal together, or if your senior mom’s diet will allow it, bring a tasty sweet treat that you and Mom enjoy indulging in together.


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