Our Response to COVID-19

At Hickory Senior Living we strive to provide a happy, warm community in which we may assist our residents in activities of daily living where needed. With our mission to provide a home-like environment and deliver care, compassion and love to our residents, their safety and well-being is our top priority. As COVID-19 more severely affects the aging population, our top priority is caring for our residents and team members.

We are pleased to report that all our communities remain completely free of any positive COVID-19 test from residents or staff. During this time, our team has implemented defensive measures and adopted policies to continue to protect our residents and team.


Frequently Asked Questions:

COVID-19 Protocols

What measures are in place to ensure resident’s health and safety?

  • Daily screening of residents and employees
  • Enhanced daily disinfection procedures
  • Emergency stores of food, disposable and washable protective wear and other supplies that might be needed
  • More intensive monitoring and screening of necessary personnel, to ensure they are not displaying COVID-19 symptoms
  • Cancellation of meetings and other events that would have involved a significant number of visitors to our communities
  • There are no visits permitted at this time except in end of life situations.
    • If you are limited from being able to visit your loved one, we will do our best to facilitate safe engagement with our residents via telephone or Skype.
  • Please note that we will be requiring anyone who shows up at our Community with any flu like symptoms to leave immediately at our sole discretion.
  • To minimize spread to our residents, all staff has been asked to follow the stay-at-home guidelines and encouraged to have someone else in their household make all of their essential errands.


Do you have testing capabilities?

Yes. We have the ability to test residents and team members as needed.

Do you and your team members have access to PPE?

Yes. Our team members are provided PPE and have been instructed on using it according to CDC guidelines.

What is your plan should a resident or team member test positive?

Any team members showing symptoms have been instructed not to work. If a team member tests positive, they will be quarantined based on CDC guidelines which will include multiple negative test before returning to work with non-infected residents.

If a resident shows symptoms and/or tests positive, we will work with the local healthcare providers to try and have them transferred to a hospital or facility established to care for COVID positive people as quickly as possible.

Have residents been provided masks?

Yes. Masks are available to residents who wish to use them.

Are team members being checked regularly?

Yes. Team members are screened before every shift.

Are residents being checked regularly?

Yes. Residents are checked daily.

Facility Activities

Are residents practicing social distancing?

Yes. Communal dining has been canceled and other activities including the beauty shop and anything else that would require close contact with nonessential personnel or other residents.

Are residents still participating in regular activities?

Yes. We are continuing to find creative ways to keep our residents happy and entertained while maintaining social distancing protocol. Some activities include:

    • Spending more time outside at a proper distance with staff supervision. We have planted flowers and enjoyed snacks outside as the weather permits.
    • We are also sending out weekly creative entertainment kits to residents to keep them productive while spending time in their apartment.
    • If you have any suggestions for new ways to keep our residents entertained during this time, please reach out to your respective Executive Director. We welcome your input.

Who is allowed in the facility?

Right now, and for the foreseeable future, only essential personnel are allowed into the facility. Our team will work with your loved ones and their healthcare professionals to determine which doctor’s visits are deemed necessary.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We are still hiring and screening any individual before they are allowed to report to work.

Residents, Families + Team Members

How am I able to reach my loved one?

We will continue to provide more video calls between you and your loved one, so they have an opportunity to have a face to face conversation with family.

We conduct calls Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. If you have a preferred time you would like to do a video call, please let us know.

Our team has provided tablets for each facility to enable video calls.

How can I learn more about what my family members are doing?

Please follow and check our Facebook page for regular updates on socially-distant activities we’re hosting for your loved ones.

Is it possible to send something to my loved one?

Yes. Our team will follow all proper sanitization protocols before delivering items to your loved one. Please coordinate with us before dropping items off by reaching out to the Executive Director.

Are residents allowed to leave the facility?

We are asking that all residents remain at the facility at this time. Should a resident decide to leave, they will be subject to strict testing and/or quarantining procedures before they would be permitted to return.

Is my loved one able to attend doctor’s appointments?

We will work with you and your loved one to determine which doctor’s appointments may be considered necessary and work with the healthcare professional to have them visit your loved one. Anyone entering the facility will be screened.

Is there a way I can thank your team members?

We have had an outpouring of support from the community for the excellent work our caregivers are providing. Should you wish to thank them in some way, such as providing lunch, please coordinate with the Executive Director.

Who should I contact if I still have questions?

Please reach out to your respective Executive Director as they are here to serve both our residents and their families.